A Perfect Decision

When we are about to decide on something, the dread of regret paralyzes our confidence. https://medium.com/the-mission/a-perfect-decision-308237957a6b

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Navy SEAL Foundation Raises $5.5M

5th Annual Navy SEAL Foundation Benefit in New York City Raises Funds and Support for Naval Special Warfare Community

An estimated 1,700 people gathered at the Hilton New York in Manhattan, Dec. 1 for the 5th Annual Navy SEAL Foundation Benefit for a gala evening, celebrating the Naval Special Warfare (NSW) forces, including U.S. Navy SEALs, Special Warfare Combatant-craft Crewman, Naval Special Warfare support personnel and their families.

The benefit raised an estimated $5.5 million to support the NSW community and their families …

Read more here. To the Foundation – Well done and thank you from Blue Coral.

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Tackling piracy: Private armed security

UK Government response

Source: FCO.gov.uk

{Blue Coral provides unmatched maritime security for both commercial and private vessels, upholds strict but effective guidelines on the use of lethal force, and employs only the most highly trained professionals as our Maritime Security Advisors assigned to your vessel transiting high risk waters. We’ll supervise the application of internationally recognized best management practices and ensure your ship is the hard target that passes through untouched. Contact us at BlueCoralAG.com.}

Foreign Office Minister Henry Bellingham gave a speech to the British Chamber of Shipping on the UK Government’s response to counter-piracy.

… And so to private armed security.  I know this is an issue which matters a lot to the industry.  And it matters to the Government as well.

Current Government policy strongly discourages the use of private armed security on ships.  My colleague Mike Penning has said that this policy should change, and has done a lot of hard work to make this possible.   You will all understand that the complex legal issues linked to use of firearms need to be considered very carefully, including the extent of any regulation necessary.  But this work is nearly done, and a change of policy and practice will be announced soon.

I want to underline that we are not doing this lightly.  We are planning for the arming of ships to be a temporary measure only.  It is a response to the extraordinary circumstances in which we now find ourselves.

But we are doing this because there is no doubt that private armed security provides significant protection.  Not one ship carrying armed security has yet been hijacked.  And 9 out of 10 failed attacks in the last few months were repelled by armed security, in those situations where the military was not involved.

There are risks.  The military must be told armed security is aboard.  Any use of force must be in compliance with the law. And it is essential that armed security is not used as an excuse for the highly effective self-protection measures to be put to one side.

But the key risk is quality. There are many providers out there.  Many of them have a good reputation.  But some are cowboys.  I want to make clear my respect for the hard work of the industry, which has worked alongside UK officials to provide the guidance which will make this work.  Ultimately it is down to the industry to analyse its own risks, decide what security it needs, and who it wants to provide it.   {Blue Coral AG – the world’s premier maritime security services provider.}

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Blue Coral Risk Management

Blue Coral’s Risk Management – a mix of science and art in a proven process

Blue Coral Advisory Group will analyze your risk to determine where you can shore up defenses and mitigate concerns. Our Advisors have worldwide local knowledge and years of experience assessing risk in all environments. The Blue Coral Risk Management process is a blend of science and art, proven over time and applied by the best in the field.

The first step in our Risk Management Program is a threat assessment. We consider the full spectrum of threats for a given individual, facility, or system. The assessment examines supporting information to evaluate the likelihood of occurrence for each threat.

Step two is a vulnerability assessment, once credible threats are identified.

A combination of the impact of loss rating and the vulnerability rating is used to evaluate the potential risk to the system from a given threat.

Periodic reassessments are necessary to maintain an accurate picture of the system’s security posture. Threats and vulnerabilities change; processes and methods are modified.

Blue Coral can give you a clear picture of your current security posture to mitigate risk and facilitate success. Call 786.219.0551 for more information or go to BlueCoralAG.com.

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Blue Coral Security Services Division in South America

Blue Coral, a full-spectrum security services provider and risk mitigation consultancy, completed a 30-day executive protection mission for a high profile client in an area of South America where kidnapping and extortion is commonplace. I know, pick a country.

We provided our esteemed client and family with a 24/7 security detail for the duration of the contract. Blue Coral’s Security Advisors coordinated closely with local law enforcement as well as resort management to deconflict available assets and insure a clear understanding of support requirements. All this was done while protecting the privacy and confidentiality of any client information. The trip was a huge success – on all accounts.

Besides discreet executive protection services, Blue Coral can also analyze your company or personal security profile in order to provide you with exactly the services or technology you may need. No more, no less. For more information, go to www.BlueCoralAG.com and let us know how we can help.

The Blue Coral Advisory Group is a consulting firm that stands out from the rest and transforms seemingly insurmountable challenges into realized opportunities.

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Blue Coral Advisory Group Trains Superyacht Crew
Blue Coral, the Miami based security services consultancy, successfully delivered another Crew Security Awareness and Anti-Piracy Course to a super yacht crew pierside in the Bahamas.
With instances of piracy in the daily news, as well as rising levels of violent crime in popular port destinations, the super yacht industry is reacting through the adoption of extensive security measures to protect owners, crews and vessels. Blue Coral’s Security Awareness Course advises crew members on security duties and responsibilities, anti-piracy boarding preparation, search procedures, international security code, and security orientated drills.

“The increasingly successful business model of piracy presents a clear danger to the security of super yachts and their crews. There is a requirement for the super yacht industry to consult vetted security professionals in order to effectively mitigate risk through increased security awareness amongst the crew and rehearsals of proper immediate action procedures”, stated a Blue Coral Advisor.
As well as training crew, Blue Coral provides discreet, close protection teams for super yachts and advises clients on a range of maritime services to include a dedicated on-call Emergency Response Center and Competent Authority services. The Blue Coral Advisory Group is a consulting firm that stands out from the rest and transforms seemingly insurmountable challenges into realized opportunities.
For more information, go to www.BlueCoralAG.com.
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